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tisdag 17 juni 2014

Stargaze or cloudwatch using a neighbor's telescope

Social task - Stargaze or cloudwatch using a neighbor's telescope
Don't forget that to get good neighbors you should make yourself a good and attractive neighbor. If you are looking for something in a neighbor's town that is hard to find, so are other players. I always make sure I always buy the things that I myself have trouble finding and place them in a selected house making it easy for my friends to find. Here the mission to stargaze or cloudwatch using a telescope comes down to finding a neighbor that actually has a telescope. The telescope can be purchased from the hobby shop south of the park for 3,490 simoleons, don't forget to get your own.

Click on the globe or the party boat to visit your neighbor, select an adult sim for this task. Click on the house that contains the telescope to take your sim to this house. Click on the telescope and select either option cloud watch (during the day) or stargaze (during the night).

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  1. Your explanation of this task was the most detailed and succinct I found on the internet! Thanks a lot!