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måndag 30 juni 2014

I want to go to work at the Stadium as much as I can

Life dream for adult with sporty personality - I want to go to work at the Stadium as much as I can.

First your sim has to start working at the stadium. You start a new career either in the career  education tab in the right panel or by going to the town view and click on a place of business. Here our sim wants to be an athlete so the Stadium has to be build before starting this life dream.

In the careers and education panel you can see what work schedule your sim has - my current time for this sim is between 6 am and 11 am. When a sim gets a promotion the schedule might change.

When the clock is in this interval make sure your sim in inactive. Then a blinking brief case should appear under the sim on the simtracker. If not try opening the careers & education tab and clicking on the brief case that is associated with this sim.

A question should appear "Send sims name to work?". Click yes on this prompt and of to work they go.

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